The goal of Hazmap Lady's online educational system is to help as many professional drivers as possible.  Our custom user-friendly learning environment is multilingual with a linear layout, that is easy to navigate, is designed to assist as many professional drivers as possible, regardless of ethnicity.

Hazmap Lady's mission is to promote public safety and environmental awareness by providing SAFETY and HAZMAT education for professional drivers.

The Hazmap Lady

The Hazmap Lady

Chief Executive Officer

My earliest memory of falling in love with a Semi was as a 1st grader when my uncle, who was a trucker, drove my siblings and myself to school one morning in his truck.  I thought, “this has to be the most amazing job, riding around with all that power under that driver’s seat.”   

After working 9-5 jobs most of my early adult life, I began my trucking career in January of 2002.  I never dreamed it would be THE job I would love for the rest of my life. What I did immediately realize is that the absolute power under that driver’s seat, could also be a deadly one.  

As a professional driver, I told myself each day before getting behind that wheel, “DO NOT let this be the day I hurt anyone.”  Safety was and has always been my greatest respect for the professional driver. We, the professional drivers, are responsible for the driving public because WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS.

For family reasons, I left the OTR driving field and returned to an office job again for 12 years.  I missed OTR driving so much and my heart ached to be back on the open road. I finally made it back in 2016.  

When I returned the biggest difference I saw, almost immediately, was the demographics of drivers had changed dramatically.  The diversity of language became an overwhelming concern. I personally witnessed many active drivers that could barely speak or even read the English language.  

With this site I intend to help as many professional drivers as I can.  This site will be multilingual to assist as many professional drivers as possible.

My mission is to promote public safety and environmental awareness by providing SAFETY and HAZMAT education for professional drivers.

Hazmap's Board

Cynthia (Cindy) Hudson

Chief Information Officer

Cindy’s 20+ years of experience in the IT world go all the way back to DOS and Windows 3.1 days. Cindy’s experience is derived from being a business owner as well as working as a business analyst, network administrator, systems administrator, end-user support specialist and a cyber security professional on both commercial and government contracts. Cindy currently holds CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+, along with Microsoft, VMware, ITIL, and CISSP certifications. She is also an active member of the Central Alabama Information Systems Security Association. 

Cindy is active in her local church and volunteers as the Network Administrator there. She and Gene, her husband of 37 years, currently reside in Pensacola, FL.

Forrest Sutton

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Forrest Sutton has more than 38 years’ experience in the aviation industry with extensive experience in large fleet program management; forecasting, planning, and budgeting fleet maintenance; subcontractor management; planning and executing operational and maintenance activities; and monitoring program activity. His experience includes multi-site management of military commercial derivative aircraft and their supporting infrastructure (including HAZMAT Material management) widely dispersed worldwide. Mr. Sutton monitors evolving customer requirements, industry trends, program financial health, and participates in proposal development for new and existing business. 

Forrest is active in the local church as a Deacon and Board Member. His church is the local USDA accredited food bank with food distribution weekly to the local community, partially sponsored by private grants, and has an outreach program supplying shoes to local elementary school students on an annual basis. Forrest and Donna, his wife of 37 years, currently reside in Molino, Fl.

James Sutton

Chief Operating Officer

James brings many years’ experience in Contract Administration, Logistics, Production, Procurement, and Quality Assurance.  This experience was obtained in aviation and manufacturing. He has administered both government and commercial contracts with a focus on providing high customer satisfaction.  James is a highly experienced Quality Professional operating quality management systems within the AS9110/AS9100/ISO9001 International Standards, along with various services operating systems.  He is a US Air Force veteran.

James is active in his local church as an Elder and Treasurer. His church conducts many outreaches to the community and schools. James and Robin, his wife of 42 years, currently reside in Brandon, MS.